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Puppy Class: This class is designed to help socialize your puppy to  prepare it to be a good companion.  You will learn some  basic commands, leash training, caring for your puppy  and behaviors of the dog.  The puppy class is for puppies 12 weeks to 5 months of age (unless a toy breed) and  have had at least their second distemper/parvo combo  vaccine.  As the puppies get old enough, they are  expected to continue to update their vaccinations, and  bring proof to class.  This is a six week course.  Class  size:  minimum 3, maximum 10.  Classes are 6 weeks  long. Advanced Puppy Class: Advanced Puppy class will keep your puppy active in  continued training which is important for a well behaved  member of the family and prepare your puppy for the  Beginner class. For puppies under 1 year of age.  Dogs  must have current vaccinations for distemper, parvo,  rabies & bordetella.  Class size:  minimum 3, maximum  10.  Classes are 6 weeks long. Beginners Obedience: In the beginner class, your dog will learn to: sit and stay  on command, heel at your side when walking on leash,  lay down on command, come when called on leash.  The  class will also help you prepare for the Canine Good  Citizens test which is offered to you at no additional cost  on the last night of class.  AKC’s Canine Good citizen  (CGC) program is a certification designed to reward dogs  who have good manners at home and in the community.  The CGC test stresses responsible pet ownership for  owners and basic good manners for dogs.  All dogs who  pass the 10-step CGC test may receive a certificate from  the American Kennel Club.  To participate in the beginner class dogs must be 6 months of age; exceptions may be  made for larger breed dogs that are 5 months old.  Dogs  must have current vaccinations for distemper, parvo,  rabies & bordetella.  Class size:  minimum 3, maximum  12.  Classes are 8 weeks long.  
Advanced Beginner: This class will help you complete your beginner obedience before moving onto the novice training.  We will refine  your heeling & loose leash walking.  We’ll help you get  your stays more solid & a more reliable recall.  Along with  many other aspects of training.  We’ll also cover life skills  for you & help answer questions you have with your  canine friend, whether that be kennel training questions,  better manners or basic training questions.  If you & your  dog have not taken or didn’t pass the CGC, you will have  another opportunity to take the CGC at the end of this 8  week course.  Dogs must have current vaccinations for  distemper, parvo, rabies & bordetella. Class size:  minimum 3, maximum 12.  Classes are 8 weeks long.     Novice Class: In the novice class, your dog will learn to: polish the skills  learned in beginner class, stand for examination, heel at  your side with attention on and off leash, come when you  call off leash, complete the figure 8 exercise, and master  the left and right finishes.  Dogs must have been through  at least one BKC beginner class to enroll in this class.  If  there is a question as to whether or not a student from the beginners class should move onto the novice class, the  decision is left to the recommendations of the beginner’s  class instructor.  A dog may enter the novice class if the  novice instructor agrees, such as a person/dog that has  taken classes elsewhere, or has been trained at home.  Usually the first night the instructor will evaluate the skill  level.  Dogs must have current vaccinations for distemper,  parvo, rabies and bordetella.  Class size: minimum 3,  maximum 12.  Classes are 8 weeks long.   Rally Obedience (Novice and/or Advanced/Excellent): Rally is a sport in which the dog and handler complete a  course that has been designed by the rally  instructor/judge.  The instructor/judge tells the handler to  begin, and the dog and handler proceed at their own pace through a course of designated stations (depending on  the level).  Each of these stations has a sign providing  instructions regarding the next skill that is to be  performed.  Dogs must have successfully completed at  least the beginners class for beginners Rally.  For the  Advanced/Excellent Rally Obedience class, dog and  handler teams must complete a beginner rally course. The dog must be able to walk on a loose lead on the handler’s  left, have some dog-to-handler attention, know how to sit  at heel, front and perform right and left finish without the  handler moving his/her feet.  Dogs must have current  vaccinations for distemper, parvo, rabies and bordetella.  Class size:  minimum 3, maximum 8.  Classes are 8  weeks long.   
Competition Grad Novice: This class is intended for handler and dog teams that are  preparing to enter the show ring in obedience.  In this  class dogs and handlers will fine-tune their Novice  obedience work, with the goal of a Companion Dog (C.D.)  The class will also cover jumping your dog, as well as a  start on Open Obedience exercises depending on the  level of students in the class.  Dogs must have  successfully completed at least one Novice class.  Dogs  must have current vaccinations for distemper, parvo,  rabies and bordetella.  Class size: minimum 2, maximum  8.  Classes are 8 weeks long. Therapy Dog Class: **One is NOT required to take a “therapy class” in order to take a therapy certification test.**  A therapy dog team is a partnership between a dog and handler who volunteer at  hospitals, nursing homes, schools or any other institution  that wishes to have a therapy dog visit.  Therapy dogs  must have a good temperament and be particularly  sensitive and attentive to people.  This class is 8 weeks.   We will cover the different aspects of visiting facilities and  individuals in their homes, etiquette for visiting and what is  required of you as a therapy team.  We will train and work  on most portions of a therapy test.  We will also answer  questions and concerns about volunteering and visiting,  while also giving some guidelines and recommendations  to begin volunteering. Provided we have enough students  wanting to test, we will try to bring up a Therapy Dog  evaluator to test at the end of the session.  Your dog must be at least 1 year of age to take the therapy test.  If you  chose to take the test, there may be a fee for testing.   “Dogs must have prior obedience training, Beginners and  Novice classes in order to take this class.  Dogs must  have current vaccinations for distemper, parvo, rabies and bordetella.  Class size:  minimum 2, maximum 10.   Classes are 8 weeks long.    
Clicker / Shaping Class: Shaping teaches your dog to offer behaviors which you  mark.  Marking is a click or word followed by a treat.  An  easy way to think of shaping is the hot & cold game we  played as children.  Using clicks & treats, you train your  dog to do what you want while he offers behaviors.  Your  clicker/treat tells him warm, warmer, HOT!  Once he  understands shaping, you can teach obedience, tricks,  overcoming fears etc.  We’ll play games & in the process  teach your dog skills through this technique.  There are  no pre-requisites for this class.  bring a flat buckle collar & lots of small treats.  Dogs must have current distemper,  parvo rabies & bordetella.  Class size: minimum 2,  maximum 8.  Classes are 8 weeks long.   All dogs must have current vaccinations for  distemper, parvo, rabies & bordetella.   *If you are concerned about dog aggression issues  towards humans or other dogs, please inform your  instructor.  If the dog’s aggression issues are  extreme your instructor has the liberty to excuse  you and your dog from the class in order to ensure  the safety of others in the class.  **BKC Requires that you do not attend class if you  have a bitch in a heat cycle.     
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